GP Services

Children’s Health / Vaccinations

At Northwest Health Medical Centre your child’s health and development is our priority, from pregnancy through to adolescence. We offer antenatal shared care, baby well checks, monitoring of your child’s milestones and childhood immunisations. Our GPs also focus on feeding and sleeping issues, allergies and eczema, asthma and respiratory issues, common childhood illnesses, nutritional assessments and general development.


Northwest Health Medical Centre caters for all aspects of women’s health and wellbeing, including antenatal shared care to support mothers through their pregnancy and beyond. Our women’s health services include health checks, breast examinations, contraceptive advice, pregnancy planning, fertility advice, mental health care, menopause, cervical screening tests (pap tests), menstrual concerns, urinary problems and sexual health screening.


At Northwest Health Medical Centre, we understand that an individual’s health and health requirements change as you age. We provide ongoing care for Seniors, addressing medical concerns that include incontinence, mobility, falls, difficulty managing household chores and memory problems. Come in and speak to one of our GPs who can help give advice specific to your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, medication, care arrangements and support networks.


Our doctors at Northwest Health Medical Centre have extensive experience in men’s health and strive to provide the highest level of patient care. Our men’s health services include prostate and bowel cancer screening, family planning options, screening pathology tests, sexual health, mental health, sleeping problems, skin cancer check-ups as well as cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes checks and management.


Australia has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world. Any new spots, lesions or spots that are changing (in size, darkness, pain or itch) should be brought to the attention of your GP. At Northwest Health Medical Centre, we provide regular skin checks, identification and treatment of abnormal lesions and information to help you understand personal risk factors for skin cancer and prevention.


Diabetes is one of the most prevalent and fast-growing health conditions across Australia today. Our experienced GPs at Northwest Health Medical Centre can offer advice on prevention and management of diabetes, arrange on-site blood glucose tests and talk to you about your diet, exercise and how to monitor your blood glucose levels and even arrange appointments with a Diabetes Educator.


Asthma is a chronic lung condition affecting more than 2.5 million Australians nationally. Our experienced doctors at Northwest Health Medical Centre can help diagnose and manage asthma by assessing lung function through spirometry tests, providing appropriate medications to alleviate symptoms and by speaking to you about long-term control of the condition.


In addition to physical, social and spiritual health, our doctors recognise mental health plays an important role in our overall wellbeing. At Northwest Health Medical Centre, we provide ongoing counselling, mental healthcare plans and management of medications as well as referrals to allied health providers to create a holistic approach to patient care.


At Northwest Health Medical Centre, we can administer all necessary travel vaccines to ensure your health safety when travelling overseas. Our doctors are experienced in travel health matters and can offer great advice for all your travel plans.


A nutrient rich diet is important for the health of our bodies. Our experienced doctors can assess nutrient adequacy to help you prevent and manage disease and illness by focussing on your diet and lifestyle and by performing pathology tests. We also offer referrals to experienced allied health professionals such as dieticians and diabetes educators to further assist you in achieving a health or sports goal.


At Northwest Health Medical Centre, we recognise some jobs have a greater risk of injury and illness. We provide treatment, advice of injury management and prevention, pre-employment & return to work planning and WorkCover consultations.